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The aconso nubea HR platform combines software and services for efficient human resources management. Simplify your administrative tasks in the human resources department with aconso nubea and use your time for what's most important in HR: employees.

Making work easier for the hr department

We have set ourselves the objective of making the day-to-day work of human resources departments easier and freeing them from administrative tasks with our HR solutions. Our vision here is an HR management system which is up to 100% digitised and automated, supported by clever software and intelligent HR cloud services so you can dedicate your time to the strategic issues.

Forwards to great collaboration

Your success rests on clever collaboration between HR, managers and employees. Revolutionise communication with your human resources department with the new aconso nubea HR solution as your collaboration platform. Employees and managers can send documents and requests to HR with total ease. Human Resources retains an overview of all processes and can automatically complete tasks, answer questions and even return documents.

The full bandwidth

Instead of juggling with lots of different HR solutions, choose aconso nubea and work with a single system to manage HR administration and all HR processes from a single source. Whether you start with the aconso nubea Dashboard, an HCM system such as SAP, SAP SuccessFactors or a completely different one, is entirely up to you. Naturally everything is also available in the SAP Fiori Design.

Collaboration across all HR processes and devices

Employees, management and HR can collaborate quickly and easily across the company via the new HR platform aconso nubea. You trigger HR processes simply and securely via a mobile device: Employees request their vacation from home, managers evaluate their employees for reference creation within seconds and certificates or statements are conveniently forwarded to the manager and HR via the mobile upload function. Employees and managers thus take over a large part of the administrative work of the HR department themselves. 

Quickly and transparently, aconso nubea automates entire processes from start to finish and frees HR from time-consuming administrative tasks. This creates space for strategic tasks: Employer branding, recruiting, talent management and much more.

YOUR BENEFITS at a glance


No high investments


Access across all devices


All services from one hand, document, data and talent management


Mobile communication, location-independent access, integration of employees in HR processes

DATA Transfer

Transfer of master data, authorization systems and processes from SAP SuccessFactors


Comfortable working,
modern look & feel,
intuitive interfaces


We would be happy to advise you personally, introduce aconso nubea to you in more detail or answer your individual questions. Simply fill out our contact form or give us a call.

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