Customer Support


Our Support listens to you and is available for you when you need it. Together with you we analyze your problem and look for fast solutions.

Fast and sustainable troubleshooting

Modern methods for error analysis help us to understand your problem. Our diagnosis tools do not even need access to your data so that we can help you quickly in the event of a problem.

aconso Knowledge Center: Our customers can find instructions, tips and tricks for aconso products here. To the aconso Knowledge Center

aconso Cloud Status: This tool provides you with real-time information on the system performance and security of the aconso Cloud. To the status webpage

Developer Portal: The aconso Developer Portal, available exclusively for customers, is an online platform that provides all information on the REST API interfaces of the aconso application. These include, for example, interfaces for creating and editing master data in the personnel file. You will receive access data for this as part of your implementation project or on request from your responsible account manager. Click here to go to the Developer Portal

your support request

To enable us to process your request quickly and efficiently, we require the following information:

  • Detailed error description, if possible with screenshots
  • On which system (production, test, integration) does the failure occur?
  • Does the problem affect all users?
  • When did the problem first occur? Please state the date & time!
  • Which version numbers do the affected software components have?
  • Is the error replicable? If so, how?

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