Reference Letter Generator

Reference creation in no time

References are produced at the touch of a button with the high-quality tool:

The executives assess the employee according to a simple school grade scheme. HR subsequently creates the reference automatically using the tool from proposed text modules. A reference can thus be sent in 30 minutes already, instead of turning loops through the company for 30 days.

Tedious release processes for reference letters are thus a thing of the past.

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Top features at a glance

Intuitive, modern interface

Simple assessment of employees

Optimised formulations

Filter criteria for subject-related text modules and intelligent module coordination

Implementation in real time

Immediate composition of the formulations

Conformity with the law

Subjected to legal examination and always updated text modules in German and English

Data take-over from the HCM

Take-over of master data,  job and company descriptions

Full process integration

Simple integration of executives

Reference tool for the Cloud

In order to be able to cater for your requirements to an optimum extent, we offer a special reference tool in the Cloud: The Haufe Zeugnis Manager Premium. The strategic partnership with Haufe ensures that we have the best possible solution at the ready on Premise and in the Cloud.

Your benefits with the Reference Letter Generator

  • Time savings thanks to simple assessment mechanisms
  • Improvement in quality by text templates
  • Text modules subjected to legal examination
  • Faster releases through transparent processes
  • Fast settlement of the tiresome reference issue

Fits best with

Process Management

Process management made simple – with more transparency improve the quality of service of your HR department.

With the aconso Process Management you can easily control processes such as

  • Onboarding process
  • Bonus letter
  • Pay rise
  • Adjustment to working hours
  • Creation of contracts
  • etc.
Process Management

Digital Personnel File

File your employee documents digitally and securely - in the aconso Digital Personnel File.

Whether on Premise or in the Cloud you are guaranteed maximum security standards for your confidential HR documents. The handling of the files moreover offers you further benefits, which facilitates your HR work:

  • Fully integrated into your SAP, SuccessFactors or each HCM
  • In the Cloud or on Premise - 100% data security guaranteed
  • Location-independent access for the same status of information
  • Of course we also scan your paper files
Digital Personnel File

Jedermann File

If everything is digital the communication with the employee should also be digital. Serve pay slips to the employees securely and digitally – this does not have to be a complicated project. With the Jedermann File, data protection requirements and legal regulations can be complied with easily and they offer your workforce a comfortable solution in order to exchange confidential documents securely with the HR department – as the employee can also, for example, slip his sick report simply into the HR processes via the portal.

And the HR department does not only save paper and postage, but above all valuable time.

Jedermann File

The Reference Letter Generator at the Deutsche Bahn company

Employment contracts and references are important services of the HR Shared Services of Deutsche Bahn AG. It is seen as a matter, of course, that they do not contain any errors. Therefore, it is essential that both processes work smoothly.

The new solution brings substantial added value for us as master data no longer have to be transferred manually and, therefore, a major source of errors ceases to exist. In addition, our personnel processing clerks can now compile a reference text from legally compliant and current text modules in no time. The work is made much easier for these employees.
Oliver Hebold Head of strategic projects, information logistics and reporting, Deutsche Bahn AG

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