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Digital Personnel File in the Cloud

We have access to the information at any time, exactly where we need it - on our computer screens. It also enables great space reductions, with many file cabinets that used to be full of papers now surplus to requirements.

Ingo Alex, Director HR Shared Services & Reward, Dentsu Aegis Network

Digital transformation in the working world

The Dentsu Aegis Network in Germany is digitising its entire HR correspondence procedures. One important step in this process is the introduction of the Digital Personnel File in the aconso Cloud. This means that all HR staff, at all five sites, are able to access important HR documents at any time. This not only creates optimised processes but also frees up time and space in the filing cabinet.

The Jedermann File, which is used for the digital provision of salary statements, is lending the development additional momentum, along with the Reference Letter Generator and a full-scale Digital Document Generator.


1,300 employees

Five sites throughout Germany



Savings in time and resources

SAP compatibility


aconso Digital Personnel File
as a Cloud solution

The project

For a long time, the Human Resources department was controlled centrally from Wiesbaden. Company developments resulted in the decentralisation of the HR organisation, which since last year, has been operating locally at the various sites with HR business partners and recruiters.

As long as the entire HR department was concentrated under one roof, the cost and complexity of traditional paper filing remained at a manageable level, and direct access to personnel records and employee information was ensured.

However, once these activities started being performed at several locations, HR business partners had to request, copy, scan and send personnel records for Hamburg, Augsburg and Düsseldorf. Not only was this a complex process, but it was quite simply inefficient as a long-term solution.
Ingo Alex Director HR Shared Services & Reward, Dentsu Aegis Network

Focus on user-friendliness and SAP compatibility

Not only that, but two years hence, Dentsu Aegis Network would be relocating its Rhine-Main site from Frankfurt to Wiesbaden - into premises with only limited space for archiving. However, a solution to the situation soon presented itself - clearly, a Digital Personnel File was needed all the more quickly. It allows employees within the decentralised organisation to access important information directly, and what is more, the HR department now only needs electronic storage space. As Dentsu Aegis employs SAP systems, both for its financial and its HR divisions, the Digital Personnel File also had to be compatible with SAP. Moreover, for ease of operation, Dentsu Aegis also expressed a desire for a good level of usability.

The ability to transfer the authorisation concept from the SAP system was another important concern. A further requirement was good auditing capability, plus it was specified on Group level that a Cloud solution should be employed.

It was important to us that both the HR and the IT departments would be satisfied with the solution and that they would be able to meet the respective requirements.
Frank Giepen Director Business Applications & IT-Audit, Dentsu Aegis Network

Finally, in August 2016, implementation of the project commenced. The first step was to scan the physical employee records of the existing employees. To date, they are also being stored in the secure archive of the solution provider. Old records of former employees that, are as yet, still in storage in the basement of the agency group are following gradually.

Secure in the Cloud instead of gathering dust in the filing cabinet

Dentsu Aegis has been using the Digital Personnel File since January 2017, since then HR specialists and HR business partners at all the company sites in Germany have been able to directly access employee information - provided they possess the necessary authorisation. The data is stored with legal compliance in the Cloud, and, in accordance with German data protection provisions, in a German data centre. It is transmitted in encrypted form via a sealed VPN tunnel.

The Agency network is also currently introducing the aconso Jedermann File. The next stage will comprise both Reference Letter Generator, which enables automation and digitisation of the reference letter process, and full digital document generation. In this way, Dentsu Aegis Network is making its HR department even more fit for the future.




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