Document Creation

We create 41 document templates automatically using the aconso Document Creation. The time saving is immense, the actuality of the templates is guaranteed at all times.

Senta Meyer, deputy head of Human Resources of bfz

A simple way to create documents

In order to save time and thus also costs when creating HR standard letters, bfz has introduced the aconso DMS solution. As the HR team of bfz has been working with the Digital Personnel File of aconso for many years already, both parts worked well together in the software project. As an add-on to the Digital Personnel File the Document Creation can be installed quickly.


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Creation of document templates and HR standard letters

Cost savings

Save time and resources


aconso Document Creation at the touch of a button

Templates for allowance letters, limited-term agreement, etc.

Digital Personnel File and Document Creation in use

The project

The Training and Development Centres of the Bavarian Employers’ Association (bfz) were looking for an automated Document Creation in the HR sector for three years. Finally, they looked at the aconso module at Munich Airport in more detail and were convinced immediately.

Possibilities for using the automatic Document Creation

  • Resignation letter
  • Creation of contracts and certificates
  • Creation and release of leave and travel applications
  • Approval of further training
The familiar interface has substantially improved the acceptance and also made the handling of the new HR software much easier. No programming knowledge is necessary even for making new templates.
Senta Meyer Deputy Head of Human Resources of bfz

Full integration of the Document Creation into the SAP HCM system

Master data such as name and address were inserted manually with each letter before using the aconso module. The maintenance and management of these documents was accordingly time-consuming and in addition also prone to errors. This is no longer a problem now.

The new programme ideally rounds off the SAP ERP HCM. The SAP master data are taken over into the templates of the Document Creation automatically. The documents are created in the system in real time so that data, which have only just been changed, are also determined correctly and taken over into the templates. No matter at which location the letters are drawn up today: The templates are always correct and in a standard format.

Archiving made easy

Even the filing of the documents is now carried out automatically by means of a barcode. If a document has been signed it will be scanned and archived by the DMS solution in line with the register structure audit-proof as a PDF/A in the SAP Human Resources system. The paper document can subsequently be destroyed.

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