5 Questions on the subject of Document Creation

5 Questions on the subject of Document Creation

When is automatic document generation considered a useful tool?

There is no fundamental benchmark. The recommended headcount is 1,000 employees. The introduction of Document Creation might be useful, if you are not sure whether each employee will use the current corporate design of a company in its document templates. The situation becomes very difficult if the updating of document content no longer gets through to the administrators and obsolete contractual documents are dispatched. In addition, employees save time when they use integrated document creation, thereby eliminating the need to enter data in two different systems such as Word and SAP.

What type of documents can be processed by a document management system?

In principle, every corporate document can be processed by a document management system. Top documents are, for example, contracts (especially those for more complex agreements), certificates, worktime adjustments and bonus letters. If there is a larger headcount, recurring correspondence, work certificates or notices concerning paid maternity leave and annuity are, more often than not, prepared using automatic document creation.


What do I need to be aware of during rollout?

I believe clarifying HR processes in preparation for rollout ensures major time and cost savings. In my day-to-day work I often notice that certain corporate processes are not clearly defined, only to be defined in the course of rollout. This is not a problem, but must be taken into account when scheduling. The most unwieldy documents and document processes should be determined before rollout. Once these documents and processes have been incorporated, the potential of the tool becomes immediately apparent.

What have you observed when it comes to integration in other applications such as SAP?

Full integration of Document Creation in the SAP workflow or in other third-party systems definitely makes for an additional reduced workload.

For example, the entire creation can be managed directly in SAP. Information on the process, the document and the data in the document can be downloaded at any time and further processed. There is no longer any need to change between different software solutions, a process which is often laborious.

Do you have any other advice on how more time can be saved?

To further minimise the degree of maintenance, it has been proven that it is better to link templates. In other words, if a company changes its headquarters, not every document needs to be individually touched, instead all documents in the system are automatically adjusted to take account of the new company address.


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