HR Document Management in SAP® SuccessFactors®

Seamless integration in SAP® SuccessFactors®

HR solutions from aconso

Our HR solutions are deeply integrated inside SAP® SuccessFactors®. For instance, you can view an employee’s Digital Personnel File or perform a typical HR workflow to trigger a document output. In addition to the Digital Personnel File, we support the work with SAP® HCM and SAP® SuccessFactors® by a technically sophisticated integration of our document generation into SAP® processes and by our own document-based processes, if these are not supported by SAP®. Thanks to aconso, this can all be done simply and quickly within the SAP® SuccessFactors® application. HR documents generated in typical use cases can be filed directly to the relevant electronic personnel file. These might be:

  • Employment contracts in Recruiting and Onboarding
  • Certificates from Learning
  • Employee appraisal interviews in Performance Management
  • Salary increases in Compensation Management and many more

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Your benefits of aconso in SAP® SuccessFactors®

  • HR document services in SAP® Fiori design
  • Holistic workflows for all HR documents
  • Manager, employee and HR roles
  • Single sign-on, including takeover of roles and permissions
  • App for mass upload
  • Additive services on all aspects of HR process digitisation

Workflows in SAP® SuccessFactors®

Workflows that can be modelled in this way include:

Writing contracts:

aconso automatically generates an employment agreement from SAP® SuccessFactors® as soon as an employee is ready to be given either a first or an updated contract offer. This is done on the basis of both existing master data and accumulated process data.


Standard certificates and documents from SAP® SuccessFactors® processes are generated automatically. This naturally includes direct filing in the Digital Personnel File as well as integration in any subsequent processes.

Employee appraisals:

Records compiled by the system following employee appraisals are automatically moved into the Digital Personnel File.

Salary increases:

aconso intercepts the event of a salary adjustment in SAP® SuccessFactors® and generates the associated documents.

Generation of references:

aconso takes master data, activity and company descriptions from SAP® SuccessFactors® and combines them with process data and certificate text building blocks from the aconso Reference Letter Generator. Naturally, this is all integrated in SAP® SuccessFactors®.

Sick notes:

Employees can upload sick notes to the aconso system in the form of a photo. Important data is immediately extracted and made available to the company along with the document, for direct importing to the time management system.

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SuccessComplete for personnel data and HR documents

SuccessComplete from aconso offers you everything that you need from a modern, cloud-based data and document management system. Core personnel functions such as master data management, invoicing, recruiting, talent management, and many other operations are ideally realised in SAP® SuccessFactors®. Any components not available in the context of document management are supplemented in full by aconso. These can be in the form of workflows plus archiving in the aconso Digital Personnel File.

What's so special about SuccessComplete?

  • The full performance spectrum of SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central is available for use
  • Employee data and documents in the Digital Personnel File can be accessed in the SAP® SuccessFactors® Launchpad with a single click
  • Documents can be uploaded to SAP® SuccessFactors® and moved directly to the Digital Personnel File
  • Documents from your e-mail communications can be transferred to your SAP® SuccessFactors® personnel file using drag & drop
  • The SAP® permissions concept can also be used to access data and HR documents in the electronic personnel file

This makes SuccessComplete the solution you need for perfect structuring along with flexible access options to your personnel file in SAP® SuccessFactors®.

Your benefits of SuccessComplete

Best Practices for SAP® SuccessFactors® Employee Central

aconso Digital Personnel File in SAP® Fiori design

Flexible integration in SAP® SuccessFactors®

Standard roles for managers, employees and HR specialists

EU GDPR compliance

...and many more!

Your project with aconso

Together with you, we develop your launch concept in a standard implementation workshop. This gives you reliable transparency in the short term regarding the anticipated implementation costs.

Project services provided by aconso:

  • Project management (schedule, resource and cost management)
  • Configuration of the master data interface for SAP® SuccessFactors® and the Digital Personnel File
  • Configuration of three standard roles (manager, employee, HR specialist)
  • Configuration of best practice register structure
  • Takeover of SAP® SuccessFactors® permission structures
  • Configuration of retention management (compliant with EU GDPR)

Would you like to find out more about SuccessComplete? Feel free to contact us.

SuccessComplete brings you the decisive step closer to the world without media discontinuities through the combination of HR data and document management. In conjunction with the other modules of the SAP® SuccessFactors® Suite, 100% digital HR processes are now an easy matter.

We would be happy to visit you and present our holistic concept at your premises.

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