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Create work references in the blink of an eye

The aconso referencing process is the clever, high-quality service for your human resources department. With aconso nubea you can quickly and efficiently generate reports and job references when an employee leaves.

The combination of software and services optimises your referencing process and supports HR professionals in the preparation of references. We incorporate available master data, record processes, evaluations and approval procedures, manage rights and roles, who has permission to do what and guarantee that references are written completely automatically with no cost or effort using the Reference Letter Generator.

Save time and irritation with a tool that's fun to use.

Reference Letter Generation

at a glance

Intuitive, modern interface

Simple and intelligent evaluation of employees

Optimised expressions

Filter criteria for specialised text modules and intelligent module coordination

Real-time implementation

Immediate combination of expressions

Completely automated

From request to delivery – the whole process is fully automated, quick and clever

Data transfer from the HCM

Transfer of master data, job descriptions and company descriptions

Complete process integration (collaboration)

Simple integration of HR and managers

Evaluation in three clicks

Speed up evaluation processes

Appraisal processes are frequently held up by approval processes and the time-consuming evaluation of the employee by line managers and the management team. The Reference Letter Generator from aconso reduces all of this to a minimum. Including managers in the process ensures transparency and accelerates final approval because the evaluation can also be carried out away from the office. This means that the manager can simply evaluate the member of staff whenever they have some time and even on the go.

Intuitive interfaces

Evaluation is made easier with a user-friendly, intuitive interface that's simple to operate. Evaluations using smileys (gamification elements) ensures a positive user experience and makes it more likely that management will complete the evaluation.

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0 seconds and the evaluation is complete

Reference Letter Generator

Choose from three versions

Once the evaluation is complete, the reference is created by the Reference Letter Generator. This, too, can run completely automatically – which employees appreciate – or can be completed by hand using our services. aconso offers three different models here: the choice should depend on how your company and your staff is set up.

A combination of two models is often the ideal solution.

Economy Reference – Reference in 15 seconds

Do you write a large number of references for standardised job descriptions in your human resources department? Then the Economy model is ideal for you.

HR professionals can use it to quickly generate references with the Reference Letter Generator in a completely automated process: evaluation by the manager takes place on the basis of 5 evaluation criteria at 3 evaluation levels (grades 1 to 3).

The software then automatically writes the reference using legally sound stored text modules, incorporating elements of the job description.

Premium Reference

For references with varying job descriptions and more extensive evaluation criteria and grades, our Premium model is ideal.

Automatic generation makes your work easier, but leaves you the freedom to individualise the reference: the manager evaluates the employee on the basis of 7 evaluation criteria at 5 levels (grades 1 to 5).
A more extensive pool of text modules is available for generating the reference, based on Haufe Zeugnis Manager Premium. Using this as a basis, the Reference Letter Generator writes the reference in a completely automated process.

You as the HR administrator can then adapt a standard job description. The result is a high-quality, individual and legally sound reference created at high speed.

First-Class Reference

When it comes to special references requiring a high degree of customisation, you in the human resources department have the option of creating an extremely high-quality reference with the First-Class Reference.

Using as many evaluation criteria as you choose, the manager undertakes a detailed evaluation of the member of staff. aconso offers a manual reference writing service here (without Reference Letter Generator).

Taking into account the employee's complete history at the company, an individual job description and the evaluation, the reference is hand written by experts and can be personally delivered.

On request we can also present a bouquet of flowers on delivery.

The Reference Letter Generator at Deutsche Bahn

Employment contract and job reference are important services of HR Shared Services of Deutsche Bahn AG. It goes without saying that they are free of errors. That is why it is so essential that both processes function smoothly.

The new solution brings us great added value, as master data no longer has to be transferred manually, thus eliminating a major source of error. In addition, our HR administrators can now compile a reference text from legally compliant and current text modules in no time at all. This makes their work much easier.
Oliver Hebold Head of Strategic Projects, Information Logistics and Reporting | Deutsche Bahn AG

Reference creation with aconso nubea

This is how fast it goes...

Retirement of the employee

Manager receives notification

Manager assesses employees

Manager signs with digital signature

HR examines reference

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