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Design efficient HR workflows

Bring in departments – the smart way

HR processes also concern most other departments. Approvals, applications and permissions are therefore often costly, complex and take an unnecessarily long time. With a smart communication tool such as aconso nubea you can manage these processes centrally, involve management and employees in workflows and make all of the steps transparent for everyone concerned.

Turn everything from internal HR communications to the exchange of documents into digital end-to-end processes using a modern task management system.

Collaboration at a glance

Data security

German computer centre
End to end encryption

Data protection

Role-based access permissions
Automatic second person verification before deletion

Access irrespective of location

Via PC, notebook, smartphone or tablet

Process integration

Flexible integration of all documents
Process status provides transparency


Platform also available to managers, employees, applicants and former employees

Modern user interface

Modern look and feel so you can work with ease
Intuitive surfaces

Application management and task administration

Collaboration is the key to success when it comes to transparency of processes. So actively involve all your stakeholders in your application, approval or permission workflows.

With aconso nubea you can group together all of your HR management communications in a single place with the relevant documentation.

This is the way to ensure transparent administration of responsibilities and process status, so that you and employees involved have a clear overview of the individual steps and the entire workflow. Automated reminders accelerate processes and, above all, save time.

Successful workflow management

This is all part of it

Digital Personnel File

The aconso Digital Personnel File – for the digital filing and administration of HR documents.

Simplify your human resources tasks and digitise your employee files. Legally compliant cloud storage means that you, your managers and staff members have access to the data anytime, anywhere and everyone sees the same version.

Find out about the Digital Personnel File now!

Contract preparation and process management

90% of HR documents are prepared by the human resources department itself. This means that you have total control of document management. Manual document preparation however is time-consuming and open to errors due to the large amounts of information being fed in. Digitise the process and make document generation easy, forever. Integrated into your own processes, use the aconso process management system to prepare documents at the press of a button:

  • Process status visible for all participants at all times
  • Improved quality thanks to error-free processes and documents
  • Time savings thanks to automated incorporation of HR data
  • CI compliant
  • Automated data transfer from SAP® or SAP® SuccessFactors®
More on contract preparation and process management

Reference Letter Generator

Complex referencing processes become simple document processes in just a few clicks with the aconso Reference Letter Generator.

•    Managers grade on a 1 to 5 system
•    CI-compliant templates for automated generation
•    Coordinated text modules checked by our legal experts
•    No time-consuming approval loops

Reference preparation becomes a simple workflow for your HR department!

Find out more about the Reference Letter Generator now!

Digital communication in HR

Document upload

Communicate simply and digitally with applicants, employees and former employees. Paper documentation need not be a hurdle here. This should be a part of your process, particularly if you intend to go 100% digital Administrative steps such as the exchange of documents, approvals, document filing and the intelligent processing of information are essential.

Enable your staff members to capture documents directly in digital format and upload them to the HR system. We'll take care of the rest.

Processing medical notes

Let the staff member take care of the document capture!

The person concerned photographs their sick note and uploads it into the HR system. We then validate, export, and process the relevant data from the photo and file it in the right place in the system so that you can take note of the absence – no more filing and time-consuming manual processing.

If necessary, we will also make the information available to other processes or parties and convert the medical certificate into your chosen archive format.

So above all, aconso nubea saves you time and saves the staff member a journey to the post office.

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HR Document Box

Digital inbox for applicants, employees and former employees

You create digital HR documents and digital payslips. Why not also make these available to staff members in digital format?

Take your digital document management system to the next level with the Jedermann File module. This solution could be described as a digital inbox in the cloud in which employees, applicants and former employees can receive documents, circulars, payslips, bonus award letters etc. from the HR department.

The Jedermann File is the secure alternative to sending documents such as digital payslips etc. by email.

Success story

We are extremely satisfied with this portal solution. It takes us one more step in the right direction towards getting our company fit for the digital future.

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