aconso Digital Personnel File

Human resources management – digital and simple

Human resources files are at the heart of the HR department. This is where all of the documents and papers concerning an employment relationship are archived. Centred around this central HR element, aconso offers services which simplify administrative tasks, making the job easier, increasing efficiency and quite simply making it all fun.

aconso Digital Personnel File

Paperless HR document management

The aconso Digital Personnel File is your digital archive and the counterpart to the paper file. It is the focus of your HR software and the basis for your entire document administration system. Manage your HR documents simply and easily with software support. Your documents are available in electronic format making them quickly accessible from anywhere.

Thanks to integration into your HCM such as SAP® SuccessFactors® and existing system landscape, synergies are exploited and manual data input becomes unnecessary. Put an end to the chaos of paper with a Digital Personnel File, saving HR and storage costs. Slim down your HR administration and go digital!

Digital Personnel File

at a glance

Access across all locations

Your employees always have access to the same version

Data protection

Role-based access rights guarantee compliance with German data protection regulations

Data security

Cloud or on site in accordance with German security standards

SAP® and SAP® SuccessFactors®

Adoption of permission systems thanks to complete integration in your HCM

Automate compliance

with reminders, notices and the delete function

Modern user interface

Modern look and feel so you can work with ease

Quick and easy access to documents

The Digital Personnel File makes searching for documents considerably easier. Clever search functions mean that you can search for document types and registers in the e-file giving you quick and easy access to all documents at all times. Plus, central data storage means that you have access to HR documentation independent of location and on the go – ideal for companies with several sites.

Intelligent display of employee files

Manage your HR documentation and personnel data intelligently and display documents relevant to the context and situation.

Example: records of past meetings are automatically displayed at appraisal interview.

Digitise personnel files

aconso also offers scan services for use when introducing the Digital Personnel File. We digitise your paper files at the start of the project or on demand – as required. You can scan in paper documents which crop up on a day-to-day basis for yourself and they will be automatically filed in the electronic personnel file. Alternatively, aconso will take on your day-to-day scanning tasks.

The aconso scan service

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Electronic personnel files and data protection

Data protection and data security are central issues in HR – particularly when it comes to sensitive employee information. aconso provides software and services as cloud versions on ISO certified servers located in Germany, Switzerland and Norway. All access is secured using 2-stage authentication and SSL encryption with a special roles and permissions system.

Compliance is another central factor in our everyday work: changes can be made in digital personnel files and audit requirements can be met with test logs and documentation. A great help to you as an administrator: reminders tell you when required storage periods for particular documents are coming to an end and established deletion plans and second person verification before deletion ensure additional security.

Digital Personnel File access

Rights management and access controls

Configurable rights management in the Digital Personnel File means that you can precisely control access rights and allocate employees, teams and departments. Naturally, we can also transfer the rights management system used in your HCM (SAP®, SAP® SuccessFactors® or others). This means that you can grant staff members temporary or permanent access to particular Digital Personnel Files, ensuring transparency and compliance. Plus you'll simplify many internal processes.

Keeping an eye on HR indicators

KPIs give HR staff an overview

HR analytics and reports are the basis for targeted HR controlling. HR Cloud Services gives you a target group specific overview of all relevant indicators at a glance, creating a solid foundation for strategic decisions. Graphic representations, configurable reports and filter options ensure intuitive operation and simple interpretation of the data. Automated data recording means that you as a human resources administrator no longer have to spend time on manual input, giving you more time to create added value.

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