Contract preparation and process management

Efficient document generation

Automatically generate documents and bring some flow into your HR processes! Increase the service quality of your human resources department. Complete digitisation of HR processes combined with an integrated document generation system accelerates all of your administrative steps, creates transparency and makes processes more efficient.

Contract preparation in the human resources department

Quickly and easily prepare contracts for employees

As a part of process management within HR, contract management can be very complex: differences between contracts and changes bring with them enormous potential for errors and are often costly. Automated contract preparation means that you can digitally manage employment contracts, contract additions and amendments. This makes it easy to achieve quality assurance and streamlined contract processes in human resources departments.

With aconso nubea you can enjoy the simple digital administration of compliant contract templates and ensure transparent, individualised process management.

The final documents are automatically filed in the Digital Personnel File, freeing your HR administrators from manual input.

Process management and document generation

at a glance

Integration into your portals

Fits seamlessly into your ESS/MSS or intranet

Always up-to-date

Direct creation and integration of documents and personnel files

SAP® and SAP® SuccessFactors®

Complete integration into SAP® or SAP® SuccessFactors®

Individual dashboard

Clear start page with current processes and process states


Thorough reports and logs


User-friendly portal solution for all involved in the process

Prepare bonus letters

Automatically prepare bonus letters and standard letters

A range of different mail-outs can frequently create paper jams in human resources departments. Simplify your processes with aconso nubea process management! Automatically generate award letters, bonus letters and other standard letters based on digital templates and content from your HCM. Relevant information available from your systems are automatically entered into the document. The finished documents are then automatically filed in the relevant Digital Personnel File. Creating time for more important things: the employees.

Document generation with aconso nubea – the ideal solution for:

  • Standard letters
  • Award letters
  • Bonus letters
  • Staff circulars
  • etc.


Digital signature optimises HR processes

Paperless HR with electronic signatures

Digital signing instead of paper chaos: digitally sign automatically generated documents and exploit efficiencies. Add secure and legally binding signatures with digital signing in aconso nubea. Avoid unnecessary manual processes, do away with the need to print and scan, and finally create genuine end-to-end digital processes.

Processing times are now substantially shorter and the handling of processes has become considerably simpler for all concerned.

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Recruiting and onboarding

Find and integrate new employees perfectly

To find the right employees, the recruiting process has to be right. If HR doesn't act professionally here then the ideal candidates will quickly go to the competition in the "war for talent". Applicant management is simple and easy to handle with a clear process management system and rapid workflows. If you receive applications in different formats – e.g. some on paper – aconso nubea scan service provides the ideal support.

There are a few things that need to be done to ensure that a new member of staff has a perfect first day at work and that induction runs smoothly. Manage the onboarding process digitally with clever task management, the reminder function, templates and flexible workflow, reducing the amount of work in the HR department to a minimum and turning your applicants into committed new members of staff.


Manage HR processes digitally

Not just onboarding – all HR processes can be digitised and efficiently designed using the intelligent process management tool. This is how to bring transparency, speed and efficiency into your HR workflows:

  • Onboarding
  • Award letters
  • Pay rises
  • Changes to working hours
  • Contract preparation etc.

More on Collaboration & communication

Simple process progression

Based on the example of the adjustment to working hours

Application for the change in working hours

Receipt by HR

Examination by processing clerk, automatic calculation of the new salary, forwarding to the executive

Receipt by the executive

Release (possible deputy regulation) or rejection with substantiation, automatic creation of the new contract document

Notification to the employee

Notification after completion of the application and amendment of contract by e-mail

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