Digitize documents


Often employee data is still stored in paper form. Therefore, the question often arises as to how personnel data enters the system. For this purpose, aconso offers a fully comprehensive digitization concept.

Scanning and software from a single source

With HR Cloud Services and aconso nubea we offer not just software solutions but a comprehensive range of services. You can outsource your processes to aconso – from the digitization of paper personnel files to day-to-day scanning jobs or scanning of your incoming paper documents. The Scan Service isn’t all we offer, we also provide quality assurance, validation, classification, data extraction and conversion in various formats.

Scanning at a glance

Initial scanning of paper files

Scanning of your old files when introducing the aconso Digital Personnel File

Digitization of files on demand

Using Scanning on Demand we scan documents as you need them

Daily processing of incoming post

Scanning your incoming post, classifying it and making it available in your systems


We validate and verify the content of your documents in our quality assurance process


Classifying and making content available. So information and documents end up exactly where they are required


If you require a different format, we can do that for you, too

Digitize personnel files:
your options


When you implement the Digital Personnel File, scanning paper files is the first step. Therefore, save hardware and software for scanning in-house and the costs for external scanning service providers. From file digitization to software implementation, aconso is your one-stop service provider:

  • Collection of your paper files

  • Digitization

  • OCR recognition for full text search

  • Automated export and classification of the data

  • Destruction or archiving of your paper files


If in your digitization project you decide that you don’t immediately require all of your files in digital form, the Scanning on Demand option is ideal. aconso provides safe storage for your paper files, scanning them at the touch of a button, so to speak. With this approach you have access to the electronic documents whenever you need them, but only pay for the digitization when you request it. That’s clever scan management.


Daily scanning and incoming post processing

Daily scanning is often an irritating burden. Simply outsource it to aconso. aconso provides the Scan Service itself, but even more importantly the classification and filing of the documents in the Digital Personnel Files or elsewhere, meaning that you can go completely digital.

Or, for example, let us handle all of your incoming post: by scanning all incoming mail, aconso digitizes every piece of paper that reaches you in the human resources department. 

Handling applications as an example of HR outsourcing

Applications made easy

A best practice example for outsourcing is the handling of applications which a major commercial corporation has handed over to aconso. The objective was a completely paperless application process.

The major challenge: many applications are still received in paper format and need to be processed electronically. To achieve this, aconso handles the complete application management process.

"aconso takes care of managing incoming applications for us, digitizing the applications, the data processing and classification, integrating applicant information into SAP SuccessFactors and making the documents available in the system. aconso even takes care of the storage and return of paper applications for us. The major plus of this Scan Service: managers have quick and direct access to the applications in the HCM and can respond swiftly. This is how modern application management works! "

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