Case Study


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Organization structures and processes optimized

The largest municipal hospital group in Germany Vivantes uses a hybrid solution: The SAP system is operated in-house and the aconso Digital Personnel File in a controlled cloud environment.


  • Germany’s largest municipal hospital group
  • Around 100 institutions
  • 15.000 employees


  • Optimize organization structures and processes of the hospital network
  • Design flows more efficiently
  • Fast implementation


The project

In order to manage the balancing act between optimum patient care and cost-effectiveness, the municipal health care provider initiated the project Vivantes 2020. The aim is thus pursued to optimize the organization structures and processes of the hospital network, to take advantage of synergies and to design flows more efficiently in order to thus adequately meet the upcoming challenges.

The move of the head office into new premises, which was planned for the autumn of 2012, gave the final kick-off for the introduction of the Digital Personnel File.

Analogue becomes digital

Today the electronic files are located centrally on an external server whereby they are stored audit-proof. In the hybrid solution the leading HCM system SAP continues to be located in-house, the Digital Personnel File however in a Controlled Cloud. Via a secured Virtual Private Network connection (VPN) Vivantes is granted access to the infrastructure in a German computer center. The maximum data security according to German standards is thus guaranteed.

The aconso Digital Personnel File of Vivantes is integrated 100 per cent into the SAP HCM system. Around 100 employees of the Human Resources area work web-based with the solution of aconso today. “The computer-based HR solutions of aconso have helped us to reduce the flood of paper. In a second step we now want to streamline our processes,” says former Head of Human Resources Management Department, Vivantes.

The positive experience with the Digital Personnel File is a reason for Vivantes to consider the introduction of further HR solutions in the near future. First of all the process of the adjustment to working hours should now be re-designed and on the whole made more transparent. A system that is oriented to the Human Resources area such as the process management module of aconso is suitable for this. The Human Resources management department at Vivantes is therefore given the necessary transparency in order to identify bottlenecks quickly and is capable of providing information to colleagues and the management at all times.