3 Questions for Ulrich Jänicke

3 Questions Jaenicke

Ulrich Jänicke, founder and CEO at aconso AG, is a visionary and advocate of the digital HR world. He paves the way for HR departments to move into the cloud with aconso‘s solutions for digital personnel files and HR process management, and meanwhile creating a whole new self-image of HR work. He is a pioneer, expert and thought leader for a 100% digital HR department and challenges HR with new impulses. His visions have had a significant impact on the HR industry for over 20 years.

Corona has not only changed the working environment, but also the HR industry. What qualities do HR departments need now more than ever?

Ulrich: “As a result of the crisis, the HR department is under massive pressure to change and has to redefine its role in the company within a very short time. Many companies only had a short time to digitalize their HR department in order to enable employees to do their work as usual and with the same level of efficiency as in the office, even when working from home. Readiness for change and agility are needed more than ever, especially in these times. Mobile digital HR solutions in particular play a major role here.

HR solutions can provide HR departments the necessary level of digitization to work from home within a few days. The most important thing is a fast, uncomplicated introduction of digital HR software. This way, the new technology contributes concrete added value to daily HR work from the day after it goes live.”

What changes do you see in HR departments as a result of Corona?

Ulrich: „The demands on HR departments have changed. Today, they are supposed to act as a strategic partner to management. In fact, HR managers are often worn down by complex administrative processes. As a result, there is no time to find new talents, support employees or implement flexible working time models. However, automatic, transparent and lean HR processes, create scope for strategic work. Digitization naturally plays a key role in this.”

What long-term consequences must the HR industry be prepared for?

Ulrich Jaenicke

„In the long term, HR must be prepared for the fact that remote work will continue to be an important topic after the crisis. Digital HR tools support the HR department in working efficiently and employee-oriented, even while working from home.”

“In addition, the scope of HR department’s tasks will go beyond the usual administrative HR activities in future. This means that HR will have to bring a far greater willingness to innovate for the company than in the past and take their role as pioneers of digitization seriously. This requires that administrative HR activities no longer block the capacities needed for this.

Administrative tasks are time-consuming and annoying for many HR managers. HR solutions can quickly and easily map these activities digitally in the daily work environment and thus increase the efficiency of HR as a service department. Thus, the so-called 15-second jobs can be done from almost anywhere and conveniently in between: Approve vacation requests via smartphone shortly before departure or the next appointment, or approve the long overdue bonus. This is exactly what companies can benefit from in the future.”